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Darul Ihsan distributes a thousand books to disadvantaged community

Darul Ihsan Centre, through its ‘Literature Collection Projection’, continues to uplift and educate communities by the provision of much needed Islamic literature. More than 1000 books were distributed in September 2022. The books consisting of Dua books and Yaseen Shareef booklets were distributed in local rural area of Maraisburg, Johannesburg, which is in great need of such literature.

In addition a second Al Ihsan Micro Library was commissioned at Masjid Al Ikraam in Scottsburg, KZN, after positive feedback was received from the ladies section at the Masjid. The Micro Library carries authentic Islamic literature of books such as Basics of Islam, Fazaail Amal , Seerah, etc.

Darul Ihsan, through its community projects continues to drive education and literature to impoverished communities. Any community, madrasah or Islamic organisation that requires Islamic literature may contact our offices on 031 577 7868 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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