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Daughters of the Ummah hosts Muslimahs development programme

Over the past Saturday; 8 October 2022; a programme for young sisters themed ‘Discovering the Treasure Within’ was held at the Darul Ihsan Centre, in Sea Cow Lake.

Over 130 young ladies – aged between 11-19 – attended the ‘Youth Development’ programme, where the ‘Daughters of the Ummah’ (DOU), which is a project of Darul Ihsan Centre, led an inspiring and uplifting event.

The attendees were tasked with forming groups in which they answered several questions and partook in discussion pertaining to their roles as Muslimahs in their communities and families. The topics encouraged them to think critically about how they feel as young women, and the challenges they face as youth concerning the practice of their faith.

The girls then presented their answers to the rest of the participants, highlighting common conflicts – as well as positive similarities – they face daily. This was followed by a short recitation from the Qur’an by one of the sisters. Thereafter, attendees were treated to an assortment of refreshments - gelato included.

After the short break, Mufti Zubair Bayat, Ameer of Darul Ihsan Centre, gave some pertinent advices to the participants. He spoke about the true meaning of happiness, as well as the deceptive portrayals of it on social media. He encouraged the attendees to search deeply for their own happiness through the steadfast practice of Islam. A short Q&A took place thereafter.

The attendees found the event enlightening, motivating, and above all, an eye-opener to the common difficulties experienced today.

“They gave us a lot of information. I think it’s good for the younger generation to know, because living in a world of social media, people don’t feel appreciated, and this programme is uplifting,” stated an attendee.

“It was motivating and fun, and it was nice getting to meet new people,” stated another.

The Youth Development Project is free to attend and can be accessed by prior arrangement via the Darul Ihsan Centre. Contact the Darul Ihsan offices on 031 577 7868 for further information.

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