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A Role in the Liberation of Al Masjidul Aqsa

Darul Ihsan’s quarterly ‘Learner Development Programme’ was successfully held over the weekend -17 September 2022 – featuring the topic ‘Al Masjidul Aqsa and My Role in the Liberation’.

Close to 40 Ulama and students attended the workshop held at Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre in Sea Cow Lake, where guest speaker Hafiz Advocate Mahomed Vahed; of the Young Leaders Academy; delivered an impressively insightful and informative presentation.

The esteemed presenter highlighted the importance of Masjidul Aqsa and the region to participants, as well as various historical events that took place there. Furthermore, details relating to Umar (R.A), the great Salaudin, and others were featured in the discussion, highlighting their strategic thinking and planning in the liberation of Masjidul Aqsa.

He encouraged the youth to take up an educational role in enlightening themselves, and through their own knowledge, enlighten others about Masjidul Aqsa and the events thereafter.

“This education can be turned into action and will aid and assist in the liberation of Al Masjidul Aqsa,” Vahed encouraged.

Moulana Junaid Kharsany – a well-renowned Alim and scholar – also addressed the participants. He encouraged the youth to visit Al Masjidul Aqsa no matter the apparent hardships, as it is an area of great Barakah and blessings. Moulana also discussed the role of Umar (R.A) in the conquest of Palestine in great detail.

The Learner Development Programme has been growing steadily since its inception 2 years ago. Darul Ihsan Centre provides a range of educational, awareness, leadership and mentorship programmes for secondary and tertiary education learners.

These programmes are a free service to our community and can be accessed by prior arrangement at our Centre or can be requested to visit your institute.

Contact the Darul Ihsan offices on 031 577 7868 for further information.

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