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‘Feed a Pupil’ project enjoys ongoing success

Darul Ihsan Centre’s ‘Feed a Pupil’ project has seen sustained success over the past decade. The project provides prepared sandwiches to hungry pupils at local state schools.

Over 55000 sandwiches are distributed monthly to some 50 schools in the greater Durban area. Most of the children who receive these sandwiches are indigent and come to school on an empty stomach. The sandwiches provide wholesome nutrition for these learners aiding their ability to concentrate in class.

The sandwiches are prepared by a team of 300 dedicated volunteer housewives in various areas who form part of this amazing humanitarian network. Each volunteer contributes an average of 3 loaves of bread with the fillings for the sandwiches. In certain areas, the sandwich filling is provided by Darul Ihsan.

May Allah Ta’ala reward all the dedicated volunteers and all those who contribute to this project in both worlds. We invite you to take your slice of rewards and support this project with your duas and contribution.

Dr S Omar, Principal of Overport Secondary School had this to say:

“On behalf of Overport Secondary I, the principal, would like to extend our greatest appreciation towards Darul Ihsan for providing a lunch meal for several of our needy learners. Overport Secondary School, is an under resourced high school located in Durban. We cater for learners from underprivileged backgrounds, where some of our learners attend school without having a meal in the morning. With your assistance we have been able to accommodate these learners. We make a supplication that the Almighty endow Darul Ihsan with success in their future endeavours. We look forward to working with you and your organisation.”

Darul Ihsan Feed a Pupil Project

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