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Isipingo school compliments Darul Ihsan for stellar counselling

The Isipingo Beach Intermediate School extended heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Darul Ihsan Centre for its help and guidance with a school counsellor.

“Counsellor, Sister Shaik Ally, has achieved splendid results at the school, assisting learners with social, psychological, behavioural, and educational challenges in order to cope with the school and home environment” said school principal, Mr MS Ismail.

The school acknowledged her achievements which included communication with and counselling of both learners, parents, and the educators in order to identify and develop strategies to assist them.

Sister Ally offered advice and assistance to the School Governing Body and Management Team as well on specific cases, such as learners with barriers to learning and cases relating to legal framework.

Furthermore, she provided counselling to learners and parents that were affected by the April floods as well.

We hope Sister Ally’s invaluable services will continue to help and change the lives of many more students, parents, and educational staff in the future.

Darul Ihsan Centre provides upliftment, support and counselling to learners and institutions on a pro bono basis

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