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Report Back For Muharram Crescent

16TH AUGUST 2022/ 17TH MUHARRAM 1444

Alhamdullillah, with the grace of Allah Ta’ala, two viewing groups stationed at Masjid Yusuf, Parlock and New Germany, Reservoir Hills, scanned the skies for the moon of Muharram 1444. Maghrib Salah was performed at both venues by all the volunteers.

At Masjid Yusuf, there were approximately twenty-five volunteers from Darul Ihsan, mainly youth. There was a good atmosphere at Masjid Yusuf with brothers from the locality also scanning the skies for the crescent. It was commendable to see the youth come out to fulfil this great Sunnah.

At the second venue in Reservoir Hills, just outside the game reserve in New Germany, approximately fifteen volunteers searched for the moon for the new Islamic year 1444. Here too, many young volunteers were present. The location was an ideal viewing spot, as the view of the horizon is very clear.

The crescent of Muharram 1444 was not sighted at either venue, nor was it sighted across the country. The last month of the calendar year 1443, Zul Hijjah, comprised of 30 days. The month of Muharram 1444 commenced on Sunday, the 31st of July 2022.

Al Ihsan Hilal Committee searches for the Hilal every month and is affiliated to the United Ulama Council of South Africa (UUCSA) Hilal Committee.

Anyone interested in joining this initiative should kindly contact the Darul Ihsan Fatwa Department on 031 577 786 8.

Al Ihsan Hilal Committee

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