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Grocery Voucher Report - Darul Ihsan Welfare Department

The Welfare Department of Darul Ihsan spends a considerable amount of the monthly Zakat budget on assisting people with their grocery needs for the month. The assistance is rendered through grocery vouchers, monthly transfers, grocery hampers and general assistance.

Grocery Vouchers

Grocery hampers and vouchers are given based on the size of family and case assessment. Various sizes of hampers are given and issued based on the need. The values vary from R300 (single person) to R2000 a month (in certain cases). This is apart from other assistance that is provided to most recipients in terms of rent, lights & water, transport, medical, etc.

Darul Ihsan has had a standing arrangement over the years with certain prominent supermarket groups in different areas of Durban who accept our vouchers. The vouchers are issued to our recipients with their ID numbers, and they are able to redeem it to purchase their groceries at stipulated supermarkets.

Monthly EFTs

Apart from the voucher system, monthly EFT payments are also done for certain recipients if they find difficulty to come to our offices. Approximately 450 recipients are assisted on a monthly basis with groceries to the value of tens of thousands of rands.


Darul Ihsan changed over from the grocery hamper system many years ago due to the fact that it posed hardship on our recipients to carry it home, especially over long distances and also due to the crime factor, where they risked being mugged and robbed. However, in certain cases some grocery hampers are still distributed from our offices. In this regard 450 grocery hampers to the value of approximately R150 are distributed to almost all recipients that call at our offices. This is over and above the normal assistance that they receive. Approximately 230 hampers to the value of R350 are also distributed to our revert class attendees at our various Learn-the-Deen classes.

We thank our generous donors for their contributions which gives us the opportunity to allow many poor families to put food on the table. May Allah Ta’ala bless and reward our generous donors and supporters.

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