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Refugee Assistance Report – Darul Ihsan Welfare Department


South Africa has experienced an influx of refugees through its borders after 1994. Many have fled poverty and war in their home countries, thus leaving them vulnerable and in need. Due to the overwhelming need, since inception, Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre has always been rendering assistance to refugees. Despite the challenges and complexities, Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre continues to provide regular assistance to refugees. However, in order to facilitate quicker assistance delivery to refugees, who are mainly based in the CBD area, and find it unsafe and costly to travel out, Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre's Welfare Department entered into an arrangement (MOU) with Refugee Social Services (RSS), a Durban-based registered NPO, since November 2019 to present, to enhance the level of assistance to Muslim refugees.

Assistance Rendered

Darul Ihsan undertook from RSS to have a qualified social-welfare worker to identify and assess the cases. Hence a dedicated person in RSS attends to the needs of Muslim refugees, whose monthly salary is covered by Darul Ihsan. In addition, Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre provides a monthly sum of... (6 Digits) for direct assistance to Muslim refugees as per the mandate given to RSS in the MOU. The total number of refugees is approximately 113 households, which comprises of 471 individuals. RSS provides financial reports to Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre of the financial assistance rendered, as well as a list of names of all who were assisted. The funds are strictly utilised only for Muslim refugees.

Additional Support

In addition to financial support, refugees are also supported with various psycho-social services such as counselling, group support, etc. Home visits are undertaken and assistance relating to documentation and paperwork and referrals to hospitals and schools is provided. This is not a comprehensive list of services but indicates to some of the benefits refugees derive. RSS also faces many challenges such as the ongoing shutdown of the Refugee Reception Centre and harassment of refugees by various anti-migrant lobbies, amongst others.


“The organisation (RSS) once again received a funding cut which meant that fewer people would be assisted from funds of our regular donors. The Darul Ihsan Centre’s funds therefore made a significant contribution to ensuring that more households could be assisted." This is because Darul Ihsan funds are strictly utilised only for Muslim refugees, which enables the rest of the funds to be used for refugees of other faiths.
"We continue to be appreciative of the partnership with Darul Ihsan.”


Darul Ihsan’s policy is to direct a major percentage of its funds towards our local South African recipients who have been previously disadvantaged and continue to suffer the effects of poverty and deprivation. Notwithstanding the above, Darul Ihsan does assist refugees as stated in this report. However, it is unreasonable to expect Darul Ihsan to ignore the needs of our local needy recipients and focus only on foreigners.

It is lamentable and regrettable that certain individuals/organisations have chosen to unfairly accuse Darul Ihsan of not assisting foreign Muslims on social media platforms, without any engagement or verification. The above report sets out in detail the degree of assistance rendered to foreign Muslims by Darul Ihsan, and should serve to dispel the misconception of non-assistance.

Undoubtedly our efforts are human and all human endeavours are prone to weakness and shortcomings. Darul Ihsan is open to constructive inputs and criticism, but maliciousness and unjustified criticism is not beneficial to anyone. May Allah Ta’ala accept these humble efforts and forgive all shortcomings.

NB. The Refugee dynamic in South Africa is a complex issue that is constantly evolving. In light of this, Darul Ihsan holds ongoing consultation with advisors and stakeholders to review our position regularly and work as effectively as possible

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