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PE Water Crisis - Darul Ihsan Intervenes

Port Elizabeth is presently in deep trouble with day zero a looming possibility. Thus the situation looks bleak:

 - The metro is in the seventh year of a devastating drought. The metro’s supply dams have almost no water left.

- Leaks account for 29% of the metro’s daily water consumption - teams out working to fix leaks.

- The metro currently has 3,163 reported leaks that have not been fixed, with 359 fixed.

- Taps running dry risks an unprecedented health and humanitarian crisis in the metro, particularly in the most disadvantaged areas.

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre in conjunction with Al Fida Foundation are assisting with implementation of water tanks at strategic community locations. Thus far, water tanks have been placed at 5 locations:

1. A Mosque in Motherwell - a destitute area that gets water cuts constantly days on end

2. Bethelsdorp Road Primary has 1008 learners and 31 staff members.

3. Westend Primary school which was established in 1971 with currently 750pupils and 26 staff members.

4. Salsoneville Old Age Home

5. Bethelsdorp Comprehensive public school - 1051 students and 38 staff members.

Darul Ihsan will continue to assist the community of Port Elizabeth

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