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Darul Ihsan funds much needed medical assistance to the community

DURBAN: The Darul Ihsan Welfare Department has responded positively to urgent needs amongst the community regarding medical needs.

As part of its ongoing activities, the organisation from time to time tends to special cases on an individual basis.

Sister Ayesha (name changed to protect identity), who suffers from a complex condition of swelling on her legs, is amongst those who made a special plea for assistance.

Her condition means that she is in immense pain. Furthermore, there is a desperate need for her condition to be treated, bandaged and dressing applied on a weekly basis. These dressings are costly and is something that Sister Ayesha is not able to afford.

“Alhamdulillah, through the grace of Allah Ta’ala, Darul Ihsan assists Sister Ayesha to settle her monthly medical bill so that she can acquire the necessary treatment that she requires,” the Welfare Department said.

Another case is that of Brother Abdullah (name changed to protect identity). Now quite elderly, Brother Abdullah suffers from a condition that warrants him using a colostomy bag on a daily basis. His financial situation is such that he just manages to get by with his day to day living expenses and purchase of these bags are an added expense which he cannot afford.

“Brother Abdullah approached the Darul Ihsan Welfare Dept for assistance and on a monthly basis the organisation assists him with a month’s supply of these bags,” the Welfare Department says.

Darul Ihsan Centre continues to assist many other special cases. Patients are also assisted with medication for different medical conditions. From psychiatric medication to heart, many of these medications are quite costly and government facilities sometimes are not able to supply the patient with their full medical prescription, thus leaving the patient to purchase some of this medication themselves.

“We try to assist some of these patients by providing them their much-needed prescription meds,” the department added.

Through the Welfare Department, Darul Ihsan has also assisted with other specialised needs.

Over the years, they have provided many patients with glasses or spectacles for those have week eyesight. This has been done in conjunction with an optician who provides the service to those in need at a discounted rate.

Darul Ihsan also facilitates dental treatment for many patients needing urgent dental care. This is also done in conjunction with a dentist who has provided the service to the indigent people of the community for the past few years.

“We would like to express our gratitude to all those doctors who accommodate us and go out of their way to cater for the community,” the Welfare Department added. “We would also like to thank all our donors for their continuous support as we strive to support the community during their challenging times.”

Apart from the specialist medical assistance, the Welfare Department helps many others with transport and/or hospital fees to make it possible for them to visit the different government hospitals/clinics for their medical care on a daily basis.

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