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Darul Ihsan meets the community of Nongoma

Darul Ihsan has donated a special garden patch, borehole and hampers to the community of Nongomo on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast.

A four-member team representing the organisation undertook the lengthy journey to the region – in the heart of the Zulu Kingdom for the official handover. This team group was included sister Fowzia Zanele, the project coordinator on the ground, and brother Adam Hamid, who is the local representative for the organisation.

They were welcomed by roughly 40 members of the community, made up of prominent figures such as local indunas, politicians and religious leaders. They first handed over grocery hampers to a selected group of deserving families that were identified by the community itself.

Darul Ihsan’s Musa Radebe then briefed the audience on Darul Ihsan, its core values, its vision as well as conveying the message of Islam on behalf of all South African Muslims.

A handover of the Garden Patch followed – this included the distribution of hoes, rakes, a wheelbarrow, a petrol generator and watering cans, to name a few of the many items that were presented to the locals. The Jojo watertank was also connected to the borehole pump and switched on, successfully bringing water to the locals.

The piece of land that will be used for growing crops is three hectares in size.

In between the handovers, the Darul Ihsan team were presented with a ram as a gift, which was subsequently slaughtered for the community.

“Alhumdulillah, this was a wonderful experience for all of us” Abdul Waahid Zama of the Darul Ihsan team said. “We spoke to the community at length about various aspects including Islam, the Qur’an and trust.

“Darul Ihsan would like to see this community grow and we would like to see on our next visit, a difference as a result of the impact the Garden Patch equipment is expected to make.”

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