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Darul Ihsan Guideline launches Support Group for Revert Muslimahs

The Darul Ihsan Guideline counselling team has recently kicked off support groups for revert Muslimahs in Phoenix and Congella. The support group initiative, aimed at empowering sisters to embrace their Islamic identity, has been well received thus far.

Many sisters battle with acceptance from family, friends and the wider Muslim community. The group format allows members to share their experiences, learn from one another, gain support and foster a sense of community. The group also serves as an educational platform, where mental health knowledge is learnt, whilst underpinning Islamic principles.

Guideline also teamed up with Islamic Guidance to help facilitate one of their scheduled revert support group meetings.

The need for emotional support is there. The team plans to further discuss how to continue these efforts in supporting our Muslim community. For more information please contact the Guideline on 0315777868.

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