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Braai-ing with Darul Ihsan – Empowerment with a difference

DURBAN: Darul Ihsan launched its first open fire empowerment course last Saturday (13 November) where participants were taught how to prepare a braai and the meat that goes with it.

The course, hosted by renowned restaurant and hospitality expert Farouk Haffejee, caters for a maximum of 15 people and is run over two days.

The first part of the program familiarises attendees with the techniques of charcoal, how to light it, the quantity and the temperature. It also deals with food to hygiene, the preparation of meat, marination as well as basting and grilling.

During the second session, learners have the opportunity to go onto the griller to prepare and braai all the products themselves – under the guidance of course host Haffejee.

“This is a very useful course that teachers the attendees all about braaing and the art of preparing that perfect chicken tikka,” Haffejee said.

Azeem Ngeleka, one of the participants in the course, said he planned to use the knowledge gained to open a small braai stall of his own.

“We were taught some very useful things by Mr. Farouk, small things which many people take for granted, like the way to heat the charcoal and the way to prevent too much of smoke coming out of the fire,” he said. “It was very enlightening and interesting.

“What I plan to do with the knowledge I gained here is to open a small braai place next to the taxi rank where I live. No one is doing this and I don’t think there will be too much of competition if I can follow what I learnt here.”

Another participant, Mohammed Themba Gumede, added: “This is some of the best meat I have ever tasted and if I can raise just a little bit of money in the next few months, I know I can empower myself and sell this meat in the area I live.

“It is really tasty and we were taught some important techniques and tricks on how to make the best braai.”

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