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Darul Ihsan providing access to Islamic literature through Fanfold Display Unit

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre has embarked on a new project called the Fanfold Display Unit (FDU) that it hopes will help spread the message of Islam through strategic placements within the community.

Part of our Sadaqa Jariya initiative, the unit is a compact free standing wooden structure designed to hold fanfolds and leaflets. The idea is to place unit in a visible and accessible area where the displayed literature can be picked up.

Thus far 12 units have found placement in businesses, pharmacies, surgeries, a Dawah centre and a taxi rank.

“We have had a good response after placing these units in different parts of the greater Durban area,” Darul Ihsan’s Moulana Ahmed Kathrada said. “The units are monitored regularly to top-up the reading material.

“Information material is also selected and closely monitored according to the need and area. The key idea is Dawah and to educate people about Islam.”

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