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Darul Ihsan Literature Collection Project serving a dual role

Most of us have seen the wooden units at the entrance of Masajid across South Africa where our unwanted Islamic newspapers and books are disposed.

This 'Literature Collection Unit', is a free community service provided by Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre to make it convenient for the public to dispose off sacred Islamic reading material. All Islamic literature like Qurans, Islamic text books, Dua books and general Islamic books can be disposed into this unit. It also serves as a useful disposal point for old calendars or pamphlets that contain verses of the Quran or Duas.

“Literature containing verses of the Quran, Hadith and Islamic texts must be treated with respect,” a project official said. “When this content is no longer required, it should be disposed in the correct manner.

“The preferred method of disposing unwanted Islamic literature is to either bury it in a place where people would not normally walk, cast it in flowing water with something heavy attached to it or, after erasing the name of Allah Ta’ala, His Angels and His Messengers (AS), the literature may be burnt.”

Whatever unwanted material is placed in the unit, is sorted and separated into reusable and unusable. Thereafter, the good usable literature is distributed to libraries, Dawah centres, Madrasahs and Masajid, both locally and abroad. Over the last decade, Darul Ihsan has commissioned over 150 units nationally, making it easy for people to dispose of unwanted literature. Many hundreds of tons of literature have been reused and disposed through this project.

Due to the availability of abundant useful Islamic books, a further project known as Darul Ihsan Micro Library was launched to benefit Madrasahs, schools and Islamic centres who don’t have much access to good Islamic books. Twenty five Micro Libraries have been commissioned thus far in various Madrasahs and Islamic centres.

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