07 May 2021   24. Ramadhan 1442

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Darul Ihsan Social Department on hand to help community

The Darul Ihsan Social Department provides, counselling, mediation and dispute resolution services for the community.

The department continues to be inundated with calls for assistance during Ramadan as community matters remain prevalent. Disputes and conflicts within homes are amongst the most common.

“Notwithstanding the blessings and spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan people continue to seek our services in their domestic challenges and disputes,” Moulana Muhammed Ameer of the Social Department said.

“Fasting as prescrivbed is not just about staying away from food and drink, but it is also about rehabilitating one’s character and ways. Fighting, quarrelling and arguing should be avoided in this month. As Muslims we should use this month to settle our petty differences with affection for each other, understanding and consciousness of Allah Ta’ala.

Our counselling and spiritual guidance programme remains on hand to help people to manage their conflicts and disputes.

Guidance is provided and interventions are made where necessary for those who require psychological assistance or spiritual guidance.

Contact the Social Department on 031 577868 or email social @darulihsan.com

Darul Ihsan Social Department

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