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Tertiary Students Workshop hosted by Darul Ihsan Centre

Just over 30 youth from the eThekwini region were recently taken through a workshop facilitated by Darul Ihsan on the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the implications that this new phenomenon poses to the world.

Under the guidance of Advocate Mohammed Vahed, the attendees, who were hosted at the Darul Ihsan Centre, were taken through the various types of AI and how it is slowly imposing itself on society.

AI is a wide-ranging branch of computer science that focuses on creating smart machines that will replace humans, not only in repetitive and routine blue collar jobs but also the higher paid office or white collar jobs.

"In order to compete with AI and robots, we will have to concentrate on soft skills such as effective communication, complex problem solving, critical thinking, and mental agility, skills that most robots have not yet mastered," Vahed, who is well-versed on the subject, stated. "Unfortunately, schools, colleges and universities do not focus on these soft skills."

He also highlighted that since South Africa had the highest unemployment rate in the world, which was surprisingly even worse than Palestine, the students had to change their thinking from that of job seekers to that of job providers - to cultivate the mentality of an entrepreneur.

Darul Ihsan Centre provides a range of educational, awareness, leadership and mentorship programmes for school and tertiary learners. These programmes are a free service to our community and can be accessed by prior arrangement at our Centre or request to visit your institute.

Advocate Vahed added: "I want to also thank Darul Ihsan for setting up this workshop and helping to highlight this threat of AI and robots."

Darul Ihsan Media Desk

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