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Tertiary learners attend motivation programme at Darul Ihsan

The tertiary learners of MA Motala Centre in Wyebank, Durban visited Darul Ihsan Centre on Saturday, 19 September, 2020. The students were treated to presentations on ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Social media management’. The fifteen learners who hail from the Freestate, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape and KZN provinces are engaged in various fields of study, including Criminal Law, Engineering, Business Science, Chef course and other academic pursuits. The programme was interactive and lively and culminated with a Q&A session on the topics discussed. The students were taken on a short tour of the new building complex and proceeded for lunch after closure with a dua.

The visitors left with some good impressions of the day,

- “The programme was well organised, even the centre is a well organised place, Alhamdulillah” - Adam (Student)

- “Looking forward to attend more programmes especially youth of the Ummah” - Jumuah Tawakali (Criminal Justice Degree - Unisa)

- “The programme was so beneficial, more especially on the social media (what is really happening) hoping to see other programmes” - Daud Ayyaam Mitole (Teacher)

- “The programme was well structured and presented” - Abdullah (Public management)

- “Very constructive and emotional stabiliser” - Yusuf (Student)

- “Very informative and we looking for more”- (Student)

- “It was the best programme” - Ramadhan (Chef Trainee - Coastlands)

We make dua that these learners be blessed with immense progress and success in their endeavours and may they become true servants of Islam and humanity.

Darul Ihsan Centre provides a range of educational, awareness, leadership and mentorship programmes for school and tertiary learners. These programmes are a free service to our community and can be accessed by prior arrangement at our Centre or request to visit your institute.

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