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Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre’s Relief Team responds swiftly to fire incident

On Thursday, 20 August 2020 a huge fire incident at the Umgudulu Road Informal settlement (Reservoir Hills, Ward 23) resulted in 240 dwellings being razed to the ground, almost 500 residents left without homes and a female resident sustaining an injury. Fortunately, there were no fatalities.

Mr Zamani Mtshali, a member of eThekwini Disaster Management, contacted the Relief Team of Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre with an urgent request for blankets.

Within an hour the Relief team was on site with 150 blankets and 500 bottles of water to provide some immediate relief to the affected residents with the Relief Team monitoring the situation through eThekwini Disaster Management

Councillor Xolani Nala, Themba Mdalose, Mr Malcolm Canham and Mr Zamani Mtshali from eThekwini Disaster Management and Committee Member Mr Freedom Ngoni (Ward 23) thanked the Relief Team for their prompt response and the provision of blankets and bottled water.

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre works closely with eThekwini Disaster Management and is on call ’24/7’ in the event of any emergencies within areas encompassed by the eThekwini Municipality.

These outreaches are made possible through the generous contributions and ongoing support of the Muslim community.

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