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Adopt The Robe Of Piety!

In another verse Allah Ta'ala says: “O Children of Adam! Adorn yourself at the time of Salah when going to the Musjid …” (Surah A'raaf V.31). Adornment here refers to wearing clothing that is in keeping with the great status of Salah.

It is becoming common for people to wear tight fitted and skimpy clothing, causing parts of the body to be exposed in the Masjid. At times the Satr (area that must be covered) is exposed in Salah due to movement in the different postures.

The respect and etiquette of Salah requires that we wear clothing that does not expose our body parts or shape.

Ruling: If quarter or more of any part of the Awrah (from just below the navel till below the knees for men) becomes exposed for more than the time taken to say 3 times Subhanallah, the Salah will be invalid and must be repeated.

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