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Fatwa Department

The Fatwa Department is an integral part of Darul Ihsan that provides a wide range of services such as the issuing of rulings, verdicts, research, mediation, estate distribution and planning, general advice, etc.

The Fatwa Department receives an average of 400 questions per month - mostly via email - from around the globe. Every reply is checked and approved by at least two Muftis from the four Muftis that serve in the department. Several hundred fatawa are issued every year by the Fatwa Department.

Matters of Faskh and Tafreeq (annulment and dissolution of marriage) are conducted by the Fatwa Dept. The Muslim Marriages Tribunal (MMT) has been established to guide and assist women who experience difficulty in their marriages, particularly in instances of abuse and neglect.

The MMT is supervised by competent Ulama and Muftis of the Fatwa Department. The Tribunal has the power to preside over a marriage annulment following strict Shar'i procedures.

The MMT has a dedicated website,

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