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Education Department

The Education department runs the Madrasah Abraar and Siyaphambili education wings of Darul Ihsan. (Siyaphambili meaning “moving forward”). Madrasah Abraar conducts a Hifz and Maktab class for senior primary and high school boys. The Siyaphambili Madrasah division which specially focuses on basic Islamic education in rural and township areas.

Islamiyat Evaluation is undertaken at Muslim Schools to evaluate and help enhance the standard of Islamiyat in the school. Ulama inspectors evaluate the standard of learning and report to the school with suggestions and recommendations to improve and enhance the level of Islamic Ta'leem. Various Tarbiyyah programs are conducted at Muslim schools for the learners throughout the year.

The Education Department also conducts classes for male and female reverts under the “Learn the Deen” and “Teach the Deen” program. Some learners have graduated from these programs and are now serving in their respective communities.

Darul Ihsan also serves as an advisory body to a number of Muslim schools and Islamic Institutions. The Ameer of Darul Ihsan, Mufti Zubair Bayat is a member of the Board of Al Falaah College and Orient Islamic School and also advises boards of other Islamic Schools from time to time.

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