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Youth (Y.O.U.) Department

Youth of the Ummah (YOU) is the youth wing of Darul Ihsan. It is an initiative focused on developing the Muslim youth as future leaders of the Ummah. Youth adventure camps and outdoor activities are convened within an Islamic ethos to encourage the youth to realise their potential and achieve their goals.

Youth of the Ummah (YOU) and Daughters of the Ummah (DOU) are specialised departments focused on youth development and leadership

Volunteer recruitment and assistance is pivotal for driving these initiatives

Arrangement of adventure camps, Umrah trips, 'Youth' Q & A programs, soccer tournaments etc. to stimulate the youth and harness their potential

Dedicated website for the youth www.you.org.za - www.dou.org.za

Exciting programs are held for the youth including 5 Day youth camps at Game Reserves, youth Umrah trip, exam readiness programme and dedicated youth Q&A programs.

Spiritual programs are also held for learners at Islamic schools and special publications are published and a website dedicated for the youth.

Youth programs under the auspices of the Daughters of the Ummah (DOU) banner are held for sisters on a regular basis

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