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Outreach Programme

The Darul Ihsan Outreach Programme known as the DIOP seeks to give people their dignity through financial and skills empowerment. A host of projects that include, the “Tuck Shop Starter Pack”, “Tradesman Empowerment”, “Street Trader's Starter Pack” Project, “Employment Placement” Project and others seek to address the issues of poverty alleviation and joblessness. A number of programs and projects are facilitated through the DIOP.

  • The Bursary Fund provides bursaries for hundreds of school going and tertiary learners on an annual basis.

  • The Feed-a-Pupil project provides 53 000 sandwiches for some 57 schools in the Durban region. Mostly indigenous children benefit from this program. The sandwiches are placed in a packet that conveys a subtle form of Dawah to the young learners who receive the sandwich.

  • The Feed-a-Patient program provides 10 000 biscuit packs for patients in some 20 hospitals and clinics.

  • A flagship project of the DIOP is the Build-a-Home project that has built 13 homes thus far for families who were homeless and in dire need of shelter. Further houses are in the planning phase for construction.

  • The Home Improvement project helps to repair and do maintenance of homes that are in disrepair or require some form of refurbishment. Additionally, basic appliances such as fridges, stoves, burglar proofing, beds, etc. are provided where needed.

  • Seasonal Projects like the “Sponsor-a-Blanket” is part of Darul Ihsan Centre's winter relief program. Some 6 000 quality blankets are distributed annually countrywide during the winter months.

  • Feed-the Needy provides 2 000 hot meals to hundreds of hungry people dwelling in our midst per week. Many of the recipients do not have a proper meal in a day. Zulu literature is also distributed to recipients as part of the program. Feeding is also done at various institutions upon arrangement.

  • In Ramadan the Sponsor-a-Kajoor Pack program provides about 10 000kgs of dates to Masjids, Madrasahs and prisons during Ramadan. This program is run nationally. A complete

  • Iftar is also provided in certain areas.

  • Skills Development Program is a project that aims to provide education and skills to people thereby empowering them and enhancing their skills. Programs such as Caregiver Course,

  • Bonsai Tree-keeping, Appliance Repair course, First Aid course, Basic Plumbing, Accountancy, Handyman Repairs, etc. have been conducted.

  • Disaster Relief In times of disaster and emergency, the Disaster Relief Team is on standby to provide relief aid. Provisions in the form of cooked meals, clothing, blankets, food parcels, etc. are made available to the victims. Relief is provided in conjunction with the Durban City Council Disaster Management.

  • Operation H20 Bottled water distribution at medical centres, clinics and in drought stricken areas. Some 310 000 litres distributed country wide in drought affected areas.

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