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Hazrat Abu Moosa Al Ashari (Radiyallahu Anhu)

Name: Abdullahu bin Qays
Mother’s name: Tayyibah
Demise: 44 A.H.

Hazrat Abu Moosa Al Ashari (Radiyallahu Anhu) accepted Islam in Makkah. The family thereafter migrated to Abyssinia. He migrated to Madinah Munawwarah after the Battle of Khaybar in 7 A.H. He had a beautiful melodious voice and would recite Quran most eloquently. He possessed many excellent qualities, among them was that he would fast excessively and perform abundant Nafl Salah.


Rasulullah (ﷺ) said to him, “O Abu Moosa (Radiyallahu Anhu)! You have been given a flute from the flutes of the people of Hazrat Dawood (Alayhis Salaam) (due to his wonderful voice when reciting the Qur’an). (Tirmizi #3855)
Rasulullah (ﷺ) made Dua for him: “O Allah forgive Abdullah bin Qays sins and give him a noble entrance on the Day of Qiyamah.” (Muslim #6406)

There is a difference opinion regarding the year of his demise – 42 or 44 A.H.

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