25 August 2019   23. Zul Hijja 1440
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Conditions for the validity of Zakah

Q. What are the conditions for the validity of discharging Zakah?

A. 1. It is necessary for the validity of Zakah to have the intention of discharging Zakah.

2. This can be done in several ways: - intention is made when handing over Zakah to the recipient - or intention is made at the time of separating and setting aside money for discharging Zakah., - or the intention can be made after discharging the wealth, whilst the Zakah is still in the possession of the recipient.  

3. The condition for the validity of the discharge of Zakah is “Tamleek” – where ownership and possession of the wealth is transferred unconditionally to the deserving recipient. Hence, Zakah cannot be given or used for the construction of a Masjid, Islamic institute, etc. nor can Zakah funds be used to prepare meals for deserving recipients without giving them unconditional possession over the food.

And Allah Knows Best

Darul Ihsan Fatwa Department

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