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Social - Involved with a Christian woman !

Q: I am involved with a Christian woman and wants to get married. She will embrace Islam not only for me, but she has enquired long before about Islam.

Her family wants to disown her because she is going to denounce Jesus. They cannot except that in Islam, we acknowledge and honour Jesus as a Prophet and not the Father, Son and Holy Spirit being God.

She is now so confused because there are people living together married, either the man or woman is Muslim and either the man or woman is Christian.

My lady friend wants to know why we can’t live like that?

Her parents want to know why I cannot turn Christian to marry her and she must do it?

Please assist.



Respected Brother in Islam

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
Jazakallah for your query. If you are reasonably certain that this woman is not accepting Islam simply for the sake of marriage and by marrying her you will assist her to be become a good practicing Muslim then she should be persuaded to embrace Islam as soon as possible.
Her family should respect her right to choose the Deen of Islam and not hinder her reversion to the true Deen. She is an adult and has the intelligence and ability to make her own decision. However, at all times she should remain respectful and kind towards her family, especially her parents.
Certainly you cannot become Christian merely for the sake of marriage or for any other reason. Forsaking your Imaan and true faith for a worldly motive will spell eternal doom and no Muslim can be so foolish. It is not advisable for you to marry her whilst she is christian since this could have adverse effects upon your marriage and future family.
May Allah Ta'ala guide and assist you. Aameen.
And Allah Ta'ala knows best.

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