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Fraud and Deception

These qualities became the benchmark of a good Muslim and Muslims were recognised for their truthfulness and honesty. In a Hadith it is mentioned: “A Muslim is one who other Muslims are safe from the harm of his tongue and hands.” (Sahih Muslim)

Islam despises acts that create strife, confusion, suspicion and uncertainty in the community. These crude acts attempt to make people believe some untruth about someone or some group when in reality the information is false and misleading. The objective is to defame and cause fitna (strife) among people. Fraud and deception are major sins in Islam.

Rasulullah said, “Whoever deceives us is not one of us.” (Sahih Muslim)

In the modern age of cyber information and technology these concepts become even more complex and problematic. Through the various modes of technology a person can mask his identity to vilify, deceive, and denigrate others. This deceitful behaviour of falsifying information causes untold problems and division among unsuspecting and innocent people.

Regrettably, due to the easy accessibility of cyber media and the invisibility it offers to the offender, some have found this to be an easy avenue to vent their, jealousy and hatred for others.

A person who uses cyber media as a subterfuge to cause mischief or even harm others should realise that Allah Ta'ala is well aware of all movements and actions. The Qur'an warns us: “Does he not realise that Allah is watching him?” (Surah Alaq).

In another verse the Qur'an says: “Verily Allah is well aware of what resides within you.” (Surah Mulk). So, it is foolish to believe that one will get away with denigrating the honour of others without consequences.

True consciousness of Allah Ta'ala is the only thing that will hold a person back from denigrating others and spreading mistruths and falsehood.

Hence a Muslim is required to be ever careful and watchful about the type of information that is received and our reaction to it. One should steer clear of all forms of deception present in today’s society.

May Allah save us from all harm and give us eternal bliss and peace.

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