02 June 2020   9. Shawwal 1441
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What should a person do if he did not perform Qurbani?

Q: If a person did not perform Qurbani when it was compulsory on him, what should be done ? Can he give the monetary value in charity or will it be better to slaughter the animal or get a reputable organisation to do it for him?

A: If a person had purchased the animal but did not slaughter it during the days of Qurbani then he should give the animal alive away in sadaqah (charity). If an animal was not purchased, then he should give the value of one Qurbani (sheep or goat) in Sadaqah. One should also seek forgiveness for neglecting the Qurbani that was obligatory upon him.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Shafiq Jakhura (Mufti)              M.D. Mangera (Mufti)                                  
Fatwa Dept.                                 Fatwa Dept.

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