21 September 2019   21. Muharram 1441
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From the Fatwa Department

Correct way of writing INSHA ALLAHQ: I would like to know the correct way of writing INSHA ALLAH in transliteration

Fasting on the days of TashreeqQ: Is it permissible to fast on 13th Zul Hijjah especially since it is from the Ayyaam-e-Beedh (13th, 14th and 15th) of the month and it is Sunnah to fast on such days?

Can a lady slaughter her sheep while experiencing her monthly period?Q: I would like to find out, if a women can perform her qurbani, slaughter her sheep while experiencing her monthly period.

Can a ladies cut her own animal and what is the virtue?Q: I want to find out should ladies cut their own animal and what is the virtue? Please explain.

The Qurbani AnimalThe animal that is being sacrificed for Qurbani should be respected and treated in the best possible manner. The Qurbani animal must qualify in terms of specification, quality, age and being free from defects. The following domesticated animals are permitted for Qurbani:

QURBANI - The Significance of UdhiyyaThe central theme of Eid-ul-Adha is submission to the Will of Allah Ta'ala and sacrificing everything for His pleasure. Ibrahim u exemplified this spirit of submission and sacrifice in the best possible manner. When confronted with the challenge of love and allegiance, he chose to submit unconditionally to Allah Ta'ala and suppressed his personal desire and love for his family and child.

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