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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 14:40

Mob attacks Muslim women over beef rumour

The attack on the two Muslim women in the town of Mandsaur in western Madhya Pradesh was the 26th in 118 days since 55-year-old Pehlu Khan died after a mob attack on April 1, 2017, bringing the count to 26 cases of cow-related violence in seven months this year

The two women were slapped, kicked and abused for nearly half an hour by a mob of cow vigilantes, as police stand by. Onlookers–one of whom filmed a video–watched but did not intervene.

After the attack the two women were arrested on suspicion of carrying beef, which is banned. The police later said it was buffalo meat, carrying which is not banned. The women were charged for trading meat without a permit. No action was taken against the attackers.

According to an IndiaSpend database that records such violence in India, as many as 70 cases of cow-related violence were recorded over eight years.
The database shows that 97% (68 of 70) of such incidents were reported after the National Democratic Alliance government came to power in May 2014. More than half or 54% of the cow-related violence–38 of 70 cases–were from states governed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The data show that Muslims were the target of 51% (36 of 70) cases of violence centred on bovine issues over nearly eight years (2010 to 2017) and comprised 86% (24 of 28) killed in 70 incidents.

As least 136 people were also injured in these attacks, and more than half (54%) of these attacks were based on rumours, our analysis of the IndiaSpend database revealed.

Despite the increase in violence related to bovine issues, particularly over the last three years, the ministry of home affairs does not collect data on lynchings, said this government statement to the Lok Sabha (parliament’s lower house) on July 25, 2017.

National or state crime data do not distinguish general violence from cow-related attacks and lynchings, so the IndiaSpend database is the first such statistical perspective to a growing national debate over such violence.

In nearly half the attacks (49%), police register cases against victims.

Of 70 attacks over eight years, 68 (97%) occurred since 2014, with most of those taking place within the first seven months of 2017. The year 2016 reported the second-most cases of cow-related violence at 25 incidents, as IndiaSpend reported in June, 2017.

In nearly half or 49% (34 attacks) of cases reported, police registered cases against victims/survivors–as they did in Mandsaur–an analysis of our cow-related-violence database revealed.

The police response to the mob in Mandsaur is contrary to the Prime Minister’s recent rhetoric against violence perpetrated in the name of cow protection.

On June 29, 2017, protests were held in Indian cities, London and New York against the government’s slow response and silence after nationwide attacks against mostly Muslims and Dalits

Darul Ihsan Media Desk

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