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N.B. Rulings are given in accordance with the Hanafi school of thought

Duties of a wife

Q: I've heard. A woman's duty is not to cook or clean for the husband nor even to breastfeed her child if the husband can afford it. The only duty towards the husband is to fulfil his pleasures and take care of his house (property, kids, servants). Please can I have proof of this?


A: Whilst the Jurists have written that these duties/responsibilities cannot be forced on the wife by the Qazi or Islamic court, however between her and Allah Ta'ala it is obligatory on her to obey her husband in permissible things.

The better woman is the woman who is obedient to the husband. Obedience requires that she should conform to his requirements and permissible desires. This hadith is found in Abu Dawood that the best woman is the one who is obedient to her husband.

A relationship of marriage is a relationship of love, respect, courtesy, an easy going one with cheer and happiness. The husband does things though it is not his compulsory duty, like he will take her around on a holiday or for recreation, pay her medical bills or she will accompany him on haj and umrah trips. These are not his duties, but he does it in good spirit and to maintain a good relationship. Similarly the wife is expected to do things in the same spirit though it may not be an obligation.

And Allah Knows Best

Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept

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