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Guest Impressions

N.B. Rulings are given in accordance with the Hanafi school of thought


Medicinal Use of MarijuanaQ: I was diagnosed with Chron's Disease a year ago, and I have tried all types of medicines which have only made my condition a lot worse. Now I am at a point where I do not use medicines at all, and pray my pain will be relieved.

Gelatin from Halal AnimalsQ: I wanted to know if gelatin from Halal animals is permissible to eat.

Pertinent and often neglected aspects for Qurbani and Slaughtering.Ensure that the Qurbani animal fulfils the necessary conditions of Qurbani. It has been observed that some Muslims have been using under-age animals for Qurbani. This is invalid and Qurbani will not be discharged.

Hearing Qur’an and Islamic talks while doing something elseQ.I want to know whether I can hear the Qur’an or hear talks from islamic scholars while working on some software code or while playing games?

Wasawis: Satanic WhispersQ. I've been suffering from very strong wasawis for a long time. Recently it has caused me a lot of stress. A lot of times I think things or say thing in my mind then feel guilty afterwards and say Astagfirullah.

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