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N.B. Rulings are given in accordance with the Hanafi school of thought


Is it Sunnah to Eat Sweets before or after a Meal?



Our understanding is that Quran reading is discouraged because of the incorrect handling of the Quran as well as the  Incorrect reading by some people, mistakes with tajweed , zabar ,zer etc? Please also advise specifically with regards to Quran readng at a funeral home.

Q: Is it necessary to shave from exactly below the belly button ( as if from milli meters below it ) and i wanted to know if we've to shave the hair which grow between the anus and genitals(bladder). Please explain which part are necessary to shave and which are not?

islamQ: I have no religious beliefs at this point but, I was raised as a Protestant Christian. I have begun to learn and study the Egyptian Arabic language and it has lead me to become interested in Islam.

vineger - red wine vinegerQ: I have seen red wine vinegar used in many salsas. Is it permissible to consume red/white wine vinegar? I have heard vinegar is Halaal, but the word "wine" puts doubts in mind.

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