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N.B. Rulings are given in accordance with the Hanafi school of thought

Earning a Living from Tobacco Sales

tobaccoQ: What does Islam say about tobacco/cigarette based business/job?

Actually I am Director Sales & Marketing of a world renowned tobacco group and some of my Muslim brothers told me that it is Makroh-e-Tehrimi (close to Haram). They tell me that I am selling cancer stick, and I will be held accountable by Allah because of my role in expanding heart diseases and cancer.

I am very much curious since I am earning a living through this business. 

A: Haamidaw wa Musalliyaa

Although your employment at the said company and the income derived there from cannot be deemed as absolutely prohibited and Haram, it is not a preferred form of employment for the reasons mentioned in your question. It will be best to gradually phase oneself out from such an employment and seek a more appropriate alternative.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Shafiq Jakhura (Mufti)
Fatwa Dept.

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