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We provide news on Islam and Muslims and other breaking news from around the world to promote awareness of global events. News is obtained from a variety of news agencies and therefore views and terminology expressed are not necessarily that of Darul Ihsan. Readers are urged to be circumspect, especially with regards the loaded terminology used by the media.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018 09:25

Rohingya in India fear forced deportation

Families in Rohingya camp in New Delhi fear forced deportation to Myanmar

MPs accuse far-right Alternative for Germany of racism, inciting hatred against Muslims

Worldwide, it is estimated that one in five adolescents experience mental health challenges, though most remain underdiagnosed and undertreated.

Suu Kyi falls from grace due to failure to speak-up on brutal military crackdown on Rohingya minority

Top military commanders in Myanmar should be investigated and prosecuted for the “gravest” crimes against civilians under international law, including genocide, United Nations-appointed investigators said on Monday.

Countries hosting refugees should learn from practices of Turkish Red Crescent

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