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We provide news on Islam and Muslims and other breaking news from around the world to promote awareness of global events. News is obtained from a variety of news agencies and therefore views and terminology expressed are not necessarily that of Darul Ihsan. Readers are urged to be circumspect, especially with regards the loaded terminology used by the media.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 16:22

Israel prohibits reconstruction work at Al-Aqsa

Al-Aqsa officials warned not to carry out any renovation work at holy site

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 16:11

UN Warning: ‘Peace remains elusive’

Having taken office with a call for peace to be the watchword of 2017, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Tuesday said the world instead had ‘gone in reverse,” and that there are critical areas that need action in the New Year, including climate change, the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, the Middle East conflict, and the Rohingya crisis.

EThekwini Municipality assists with registration fees by providing funds to disadvantaged students who have been accepted or are studying towards an undergraduate qualification at a public higher education institution.

The United Nations refugee agency said that it is concerned about the deteriorating environment in which Rohingya refugees are living, especially children, who make up 55 per cent of the Rohingya refugee population in Bangladesh.

What is believed to be the largest-ever outbreak of the bacterial disease Listeriosis – or Listeria – has left more than 60 people dead across South Africa, with nearly 750 confirmed cases, the United Nation’s health agency said Friday.

Move follows developments over Jerusalem’s status

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