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We provide news on Islam and Muslims and other breaking news from around the world to promote awareness of global events. News is obtained from a variety of news agencies and therefore views and terminology expressed are not necessarily that of Darul Ihsan. Readers are urged to be circumspect, especially with regards the loaded terminology used by the media.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018 08:49

Radical Economic Transformation Summit and Expo

TO ENSURE that the Radical Economic Transformation Framework, launched by Mayor Zandile Gumede in February 2017, benefits local entrepreneurs, the Federation for Radical Economic Transformation in partnership with eThekwini Municipality will a host a Summit and Expo from 27 to 28 February.

The head of Turkish Religious Affairs Ali Erbas said Monday the Palestine and Jerusalem issue could be solved through the united efforts of the Muslim world.

A surge in conflict-induced needs in Africa and the Middle East, coupled with an increase in climate shocks that pummel the most vulnerable everywhere, have given fresh urgency to calls for the international community to work in a new way that not only ends humanitarian needs but reduces them over time, said the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres.

The Danish parliament voted this week to exclude Jewish settlements in the West Bank from bilateral agreements with Israel. In addition, it was decided that government guidelines against investing in projects over the Green Line by both public and private bodies would be strengthened.

More than 100,000 minority Uighur Muslims are reportedly being indefinitely detained in overcrowded “re-education” camps on China’s western border.

The human rights and Palestine solidarity organization, BDS South Africa, welcomes the decision by South Africa’s Minister of Sports and Recreation, Honourable Thulas Nxesi, to boycott the upcoming Davis Cup Israel tennis match.

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