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We provide news on Islam and Muslims and other breaking news from around the world to promote awareness of global events. News is obtained from a variety of news agencies and therefore views and terminology expressed are not necessarily that of Darul Ihsan. Readers are urged to be circumspect, especially with regards the loaded terminology used by the media.

The human rights and Palestine solidarity organization BDS South Africa joins fellow South Africans in welcoming the South African government's withdrawal of our Ambassador in Israel “with immediate effect”.

Violent confrontations between hundreds of Palestinian protestors and Israeli soldiers in eastern Gaza Strip left at least 55 Palestinians killed and 2,771 injured, said medical sources.

Friday, 11 May 2018 10:43

Bosnia marks annual Day of Mosques

Hundreds of mosques, religious buildings destroyed by Serb and Croat forces during 1990s wars

Authorities have sentenced seven Muslim men to three months in jail for organising prayers in the street in Tharkayta Township, in Yangon, Myanmar.

THE Municipality lived up to its vision of becoming a caring and liveable city in Africa when it committed to ensuring that its citizens’ needs are prioritised at all times.

Saudi Arabia’s air defence system has intercepted two ballistic missiles over Riyadh state news channel Al Ekhbariya TV reported.

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