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  • These are suitable responses recieved by Darul Ihsan Islamic Services Centre on issues raised by the media.
  • Foward us your media responses together with the headline of the article, publication and date.

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Thursday, 18 April 2013 13:32

'An Act of Terror' during 'War on Terror'

'An Act of Terror' during 'War on Terror'Across news channels, there has been relatively guarded use of certain words in profiling suspects in the reporting of the callous bombing in Boston where two explosives went off within seconds of each other, near the crowded finish line of the city’s annual marathon race.

Thursday, 11 April 2013 15:31

Anti-Muslim campaigns in Burma

During recent weeks anti-Muslim campaigns have been getting stronger in Burma. During recent weeks anti-Muslim campaigns have been getting stronger in Burma. The aggression is targeted, coordinated, and premeditated against the Rohingya and Muslim population of Myanmar.

When Injustice Prevails and Human Rights are trampled….Human rights are conceived as universal and egalitarian. The sanctity of life, dignity, value and blood of every individual is something which all humans generally subscribe to.

Reggies Toy Stores End their Support for Israel's JNFThe new owners of "Reggies" toy stores, Mr. Christian Larsen and Mr. Mohsin Mia, have gone on record confirming that Reggies toy stores have ended their relationship with the Jewish National Fund (JNF), an Israeli para-statal directly involved in Israeli human rights abuses against the Palestinian people.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 15:52

No to TV Pornography

No to TV PornographyDarul Ihsan Centre, a non-profit welfare, educational and Islamic organisation would like to place on record our absolute objection and opposition to TopTV’s application and intention to broadcast pornography via its satellite television network.

Friday, 18 January 2013 14:44

Motor vehicle accidents and fatalities

Motor vehicle accidents and fatalitiesThere needs to be a concerted effort to avoid the high motor vehicle accident rate and fatalities on our roads.

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