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Media Response

The Media Desk contributes local, national and international news articles for the website and also focuses on news content of the Muslim world. etters commenting on broad issues are also regularly sent to the editors of newspapers Below are a few letters which were sent by the Media Desk and published in newspapers. Bias and negative reporting against Islam has become a very real phenomenon in the media, especially in the international press.

The Darul Ihsan Media Desk primarily monitors the media for Islamaphobic (anti-Islamic) comments and anti-Islamic sentiments made in the mainstream media and interacts positively with media portals conveying the Islamic perspective.

Tuesday, 04 March 2008 11:17

Zimbabwe (Media Response)

The Daily News


Zimbabwe, the land of a thousand disputes, where price hikes of basic commodities is just as debilitating to the country as load-shedding has been in South Africa. One cannot imagine how the locals survive at such exorbitant prices of basic necessities.


Zimbabwe makes South Africa look like a very affordable country to live in. If my calculations are correct, Zim pays something like 10 million Zim Dollars (R 2500) for a litre of petrol! So us South Africans really shouldn’t complain about next month's petrol hike to R8.00 a litre. A ridiculous price indeed – but just compare that to life across our border.


But somehow, despite everything, Zimbabwe still survives countless economic sanctions and a tirade of political uncertainties. The ordinary observer (like myself) is baffled by the survival of the country and its citizens after having gone through so many upheavals and disruptions countrywide.


Thursday, 06 March 2008 11:37

A1 Gp (Media Response)

The Mercury

Motor-sport enthusiasts spend many hours enjoying viewing the sport, either live or on TV. 

Many thousands of litres of petrol are consumed by these sports vehicles on the race tracks of the world. 

Yearly South Africans enjoy the A1 racing in Durban.

Ironically, while hundreds of litres of petrol are consumed, South Africans are bracing themselves for another petrol hike next month. 

Each time there is a petrol hike the cost of living goes up and the plight of poor and needy worsens. 

Officials of the A1 should consider assisting the needy from the profits generated from the racing event.


Wednesday, 12 March 2008 12:16

Crime March (Media Response)

The Editor

The Times


While the idea of a million-man march against crime may be a move to shake-up the authorities, the lethargic attitude of our government is also largely to blame. Owing to their complacency, the thieves, robbers, rapists and other criminals are having a field day.

 Another possible move is to sign a countrywide petition in which South Africans would be demonstrating their solidarity toward fighting crime. People should approach government to strengthen and increase the police force with an additional budget. The public should assist the police by erecting satellite police stations. However together with the ideas, the solution is to actually engage and seek practical implementation. 

Junaid Essop

Thursday, 13 March 2008 11:16

Housing (Media Response)

The Mercury


Housing has always been the number one priority from the side of the government. Of course, shelter is an essential need of every human being and the government has a responsibility to meet this need. Admittedly the demand for homes to the ordinary South Africans in the next fifty years cannot be met.

A report titled, "Power crises threatens to abort property projects" simply extinguishes the hopes of the people. There is not enough power to supply these new developments that will see thousands of homes unoccupied for ‘God only knows how long’.

Some may regard this as an unforeseen circumstance while others would squarely place blame on bad planning. We don't see this in the sales of vehicles; manufacturers make sure of the continuous production of vehicle spare parts. On the lighter note, the halt on housing developments would keep the light burning at the existing homes.


Sunday Tribune



The university saga of blatant discrimination against a group of black people by one group of white people falls in the category of inhumane behaviour. Civilized and sensible human beings cannot act in such vile and barbaric ways.

The perpetrators were not some street people or laymen but an educated bunch of cowards. This thing about initiation at universities must be unconditionally banned throughout the country's institutions. In any case initiation programmes are aimed at fellow first year students not on the general services’ staff.

South Africa has seen an extremely difficult past with discrimination unheard of in any other part of the world. It is indeed sad that since the abolishment of apartheid in South Africa - in the last decade - has changed very little in the minds and hearts of some people. A great applause to the majority of South African indigenous people to have forgiven the horrible past. People committing such dastardly acts must be brought to book and accordingly punished.


Thursday, 20 March 2008 11:19

Mangled wreck (Media Response)

The Daily News


Mangled wreck

Once again, road accidents have taken a heavy toll on our South African roads. The horrific scenes of twisted metal on our roads are the grim reminder of many such accidents some one year back.

The problems are multiple: speed, bad driving, drunken drivers and unworthy vehicles. Just who, and when will all of this be fixed. Your guess is as good as the rainbow nation's guess. South Africans are slowly beginning to live with new driving skills: skipping red robots, overtaking on barrier lines, driving through yellow lines, etc.

The good cops are doing an excellent job albeit a few, bribery and corruption from the part of some drivers and some authorities has a direct impact on the road accidents. Don't these people realise that daily people are losing their lives.


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