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Media Response

  • These are suitable responses recieved by Darul Ihsan Islamic Services Centre on issues raised by the media.
  • Foward us your media responses together with the headline of the article, publication and date.

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Thursday, 08 November 2007 11:59

Apartheid lives on (Media Response)

The Daily News

I was dumbfounded to read about the shop in Dundee to have two entrances: one for white customers and another for black customers.


Even during the apartheid era this was probably unheard of. This kind of segregation is beyond one's imagination. Yes there were all sorts of unjust and cruel apartheid laws which created years of animosity and mountains of hatred.

Come a decade after the abolishment of apartheid, this type of racist behaviour is totally unacceptable. The progress made by the country overall in terms of overcoming the terrible past is indeed praiseworthy. The oppressed people that once lived to see through the torments of the apartheid era must be complemented for their extreme patience after the new dispensation. Therefore all South Africans carrying the country’s flag of integration don’t deserve this type of unjust and inhumane behaviour.


Cape Town 

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Monday, 12 November 2007 13:12

TV and Children (Media Response)

The Mercury

So little has been said about children watching violent TV shows, movies and cartoons yet so much is shown on the screens. Ironically, the screening continues despite growing awareness about the effects this type of programming can have on children. 

I refer to the article, "cartoons can cause aggression", which conveys an early warning to parents in exercising caution in allowing children to watch cartoons especially violent ones. As the report suggests, children display aggression and become disobedient after having watched violent scenes. In fact children have grown worse than what has been spoken off in the article. Indeed a very pitiful state. Other reports suggest that children watching TV have become obsessed and glued to the T V and become dull in their thinking - lacking in using their intellect. Obesity is another growing concern. Children have shown signs of violent behaviour, addiction, insecurity, abuse, rape etc. 

In general, television has lost its educational ability and influence, and the one time source of information. People are opting to play games and view movies, videos, etc. Its basically become a home cinema.



The Daily News



Teachers stabbed and sometimes murdered by pupils of a school, and pupils stabbed fatally wounding their classmates are some crimes committed frequently in our schools.

The stabbing of teachers and pupils on the school grounds in the past year has reached alarming levels, and schools have become easy targets for the lucrative drug industry, which is the bane of all parents.

At one time our schools were role models to overseas schools with a strong ethos and a high standard of discipline.

Today we have lost a great deal of our value systems and slumped to a zero level of discipline - indeed a great loss to the future generations and leaders of tomorrow.

However it is never too late to make-up for the lost time. We need to work vigorously to improve the present situation and work towards a better and brighter future for our children.

So let us all - parents, pupils and teachers - lend a helping hand to achieve a better education and schooling.



Monday, 19 November 2007 11:40

Its War (Media Response)

The Times

The worst thing that could happen right now is for the fires of hatred and opposition to be fanned in the wake of the coming ANC election. The media have a great role to play in easing and calming the situation.

I am specifically referring to your Friday’s edition in which the first page states: “It’s war” and “Zuma clobbers president in poll”. Exactly, words of this kind could create opposition. While no one can deny the tension within the ANC, caused by the leadership race, but we should be careful not to fuel the fire, and instead assist in reducing tension and helping people to think about nation-building, and support the idea of unification.

The world, especially Africa has seen too many conflicts that have resulted in untold misery and decades of conflict has left African nations disadvantaged. Not only were countries ruined, but millions of innocent lives were lost and many were displaced. Let us encourage our leaders to unite under one platform for the sake of our beautiful country and wonderful people.




Wednesday, 21 November 2007 11:37

Stem cells (Media Response)

Sunday Tribune


With reference to the article, “Stem cells will be a leap for mankind”, the speed in which man is moving – all in the name of progress and advancement is beyond our imagination. The technological advancement in every field is never the same on any given day; progress is made by the minute.

The issue about disturbing nature, again in the name of progress, scientists are exploring areas of extreme sensitivity and largely outside the parameters of religion. For example, cloning is regarded by many as unnatural and irreligious, hence man is delving in the work of the Creator and that to many people is unacceptable.

The other issue that is over emphasised is the improvement of everything with regard to the human being except character and the ethical dimension of man. Very little is been done to improve on modesty, respect, conduct, mannerism, etc., which is central to man. In fact, evil and illicit behaviour such as murder, rape, abuse, fraud, etc. has become prevalent and the order of the day world over.

Some deep thought need to be given in this regard and we need to wake-up to our real interest in life rather than concentrate on progress and advancement while the behaviour of man is sliding into a pit of total darkness.



Friday, 23 November 2007 11:48

Violent crimes (Media Response)

The Daily News


Violent crimes have not been sufficiently addressed by the government. We, as ordinary citizens are still in the dark in terms of the government’s plans combating crime that has spiraled out of control.

The recent shooting, robberies and killings in the Hillcrest and PMBurg areas as reported in last week’s paper, gives me the impression that the worst is still to come. My sense of feeling is that very little is been done from the side of the police and the government. We are basically talking of loss of lives and not just loss of material things. Innocent lives are daily lost, only to be recorded as a statistic. Indeed a very sad day for South Africa.

Crime is robbing the country of investments and stability in the economy. In addition, the number of skilled and professional people leaving the country owing to the crime rate is of concern, and the government must take cognizance of this point and deal with it urgently. Finally, admittedly crime has gripped our lives to such an extent that we live in fear all the time.




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