24 May 2019   18. Ramadan 1440
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Media Response

The Media Desk contributes local, national and international news articles for the website and also focuses on news content of the Muslim world. etters commenting on broad issues are also regularly sent to the editors of newspapers Below are a few letters which were sent by the Media Desk and published in newspapers. Bias and negative reporting against Islam has become a very real phenomenon in the media, especially in the international press.

The Darul Ihsan Media Desk primarily monitors the media for Islamaphobic (anti-Islamic) comments and anti-Islamic sentiments made in the mainstream media and interacts positively with media portals conveying the Islamic perspective.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007 12:46

Drugs - Children

The reaction in last week’s edition was long overdue on the drugs and sex crises in Phoenix and Chatsworth areas. Make no mistake that substance abuse is not confined to only these areas; in fact other parts of South Africa are probably worse hit.

Some communities are virtually held ransom by drug operators.

These unscrupulous scavengers have no mercy in their hearts for even little children. Using children at schools to do their dirty work – used as ‘runners’ – and another shameless thing is offering these children drugs as a means to become addictive. These poor children are becoming exposed to some very dangerous drugs; where the reaction on adults has a violent nature and the consequences are deadly.

The time has come for law-makers to become cold in passing legislation in stiffer and harsher punishment on drug traffickers, kingpins, operators and everyone involved in this scourge in society. The courts need to come down on these people with its full might with the police using all its resources to catch these people who are often known to freely trade in this filthy business.

Abdullah Anwar

Thursday, 20 September 2007 11:42

Educate kids on nutrition

There is probably nothing better in the field of education than to educate our children on a better and healthier eating lifestyle/diet. Having read your article, “Educate kids on nutrition” is indeed encouraging and motivational.

The point I would like to drive is that schools in the first instance should pave the way to constructing a healthier diet beginning with the tuck-shop/café/cafeteria. Healthy food should be stocked and sold from these premises. Workshops and programmes should be conducted regularly to promote a better diet. Educational programmes should be introduced and extended through the media, and the message widely publicized.

Let us build hope and inspire our children with a good and brighter future.

Hasan Ahmed

221 Sunford Rd.




Friday, 21 September 2007 11:58

The song, Umshini Wami

The Mecury

The Editor


The song, “Umshini Wami” sung by comrade Zuma at the different stage appearances should not be taken so seriously that has resulted in some harsh words exchanged between Zuma and Lakota.


Both comrades have been through the thick of the liberation struggle and passionately fought for the freedom of this country. South Africa cannot afford any division among its hierarchy. Differences will always be there and we should learn to respect that.


Former President N Mandela, set a good example not only for South Africans, but the world: forgive, forget and strive for a better future. The lessons and legacy set by him can be very useful in solving many of our differences especially in the political front.


Hasan Ahmed




Tuesday, 25 September 2007 12:00


The Editor

The Times

I refer to the article, “Courtroom walls have ears – lawyer”.

These days even the courts are not safe – tells you a lot of what you don’t want to hear. Privacy is the right of every individual and must be respected at all times.

However, the safety of our courtrooms, police stations and so called safe areas have become equally unsafe. For example, in the last two weeks two incidents of entry by thugs and criminals into police stations were reported. This makes the taped courtroom conservations look like a small issue.

Come on – make our government more responsible and alert on the safety of its citizens and not the safety of the criminals.





Wednesday, 26 September 2007 11:58

Zim Culture

The Editor

Daily News



I refer to the article, "Zim's culture of coercion". Zimbabwe is no different from many other countries having support from its military power. And this is not exclusive to countries in the African continent but a worldwide phenomenon.

 This culture of thinking is set to remain for a long time where in some instances, in the name of democracy, the country is ruled and ultimate power is vested by the military. Nations and countries are largely dominated by their military power and hence exercise their superiority by means of fire-power.

 It may be a wise idea to leave Zimbabwe to resolve its critical problems and crises to the Africans leaders and not the US/UK pack as normally done. In order for the African continent to become stronger and independent, a greater degree of responsibility needs to be entrusted on the leaders of the African continent.


Since media reports paint a very grim picture of the Zimbabwe, African leaders need to attend to the issues as a matter of urgency.






Friday, 28 September 2007 11:53

Pupils Behaviour

Sunday Times 

It's too late to be complacent – another school pupil is killed, this time in Gauteng. Incidents of this nature are increasingly common. The question is are we really going to do anything about it or wait for another bad incident to awaken us in taking drastic steps to put a stop to this type of unruly behaviour.

Schools have become a marketplace for drugs, cigarette smoking is as common as eating lunch, and pupils have learnt to consume alcohol instead of drinking water. A friendly game of soccer turns into an ugly fight and pupils are seriously hurt – gone are the days of fist-fights. The list of the most terrible things at many of our schools is getting longer by the day. 

The government needs to take strong steps in instilling discipline at schools throughout South Africa. Let us work towards a safer environment for our pupils and securing their future.



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