24 May 2019   18. Ramadan 1440
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Latest At Darul Ihsan

The Darul Ihsan Centre Relief team, together with volunteers, provided 250 hot meals to residents of the Malacca Road informal Settlement on Sunday, 26 June 2016.

Every Ramadan, Darul Ihsan Centre - through its ‘Muslim Empowerment Fund’ (MEF) - facilitates an Iftar programme in certain disadvantaged areas. The idea is to bring the nourishment of good food and happiness to those who do not normally enjoy this privilege in Ramadan.

Darul Ihsan Centre brought some welcome relief to residents of the Banana City Informal Settlement on Sunday, 19 June 2016.

Darul Ihsan via its Sadaqa Jariyya projects embarked on the digging of boreholes for the past three years.

Addiction to drugs and substance abuse is having a devastating impact on our society. Drugs have become a menace and a destroyer of lives in the modern world. Drug addicts are unproductive and burdensome. In order to support the drug habit, they may resort to any means - begging, stealing and criminal activities are common among them.

Darul Ihsan Centre, through its ‘Muslim Empowerment Fund’ (MEF) initiative, distributed blankets to indigent children at the Mazongo Primary School at the Springvale Location on the outskirts of Ixopo on Tuesday, 26 April 2016.

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