09 July 2020   17. Zul Qadah 1441
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World renowned scholar Moulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani advises Ulama of Durban

Sea Cow Lake, Durban: Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre hosted world-renowned scholar, Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani of India for 2 days. On Thursday morning, 12 December, a special programme was held for Ulama at Darul Ihsan's new head office. The programme was well attended by several senior Ulama and many young Ulama. The programme commenced with a Qir'at and Nazm. The guest of honour, Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani was then introduced by the Ameer of Darul Ihsan, Mufti Zubair Bayat.

In his excellent discourse, Moulana enlikened the Ulama to stars who are a source of light, direction and guidance for the Ummah. He stressed on the responsibilities of the Ulama in serving the needs of the Ummah, and protecting them from deviation and misguidance.

Moulana spoke about the importance of Ulama to work at grassroots level, teaching the practical aspects of Salah and Deen to the public.

He spoke about the need for Ulama to set a good example in their conduct and mannerisms, as this is what truly instils acceptance and confidence in the public.

Moulana conferred his Ijazahs of Hadith to all the Ulama present and personally signed the Ijazah certificates, which were handed out to the Ulama.

The talk was concluded with a dua by Moulana, and lunch was served to the honourable Ulama, followed by Zuhr Salah.

* Moulana was taken around the premises of the new Darul Ihsan Centre and expressed his happiness and satisfaction. He made a special dua for the success of the new building and the activities of Darul Ihsan Centre.

The link of the full Ulama lecture can be obtained from Darul Ihsan Centre

Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani (Hafizahullah) is the secretary of the Islamic Fiqh Academy of India, as well as the secretary of the Muslim Personal Law Board of India, the founder of several institutions of note, a prolific author of over 100 books, many of them on contemporary Islamic issues. Maulana attends Islamic seminars, workshops and conferences in many countries of the world.
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