10 December 2019   11. Rabi-us-Thaani 1441
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Collection of Kajoor/Date Pits

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre has for some years been collecting Kajoor/date pits for our ‘Zikr @ Home’ project.

The date pits collection project entails the collection of Kajoor/date pits which are washed, treated and packed in suitable containers. These are useful to engage in Zikr whether individually or collectively. They are also used to recite for the deceased by family members.

We understand that it may not always be easy for you to bring the date pits to our offices, so we are arranging plastic buckets which will be made available to Islamic schools, Madrasahs and Masjids in order to facilitate the collection of the kajoor/date pits.

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre thanks all the volunteers and institutions who are part of this noble project.

For more information, please contact our offices.

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre

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