19 March 2018   2. Rajab 1439
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Darul Ihsan unveils new identity and logo

The term “Humanitarian Centre” represents the larger populace of our country and embraces the diverse needs and hopes of humanity, both locally and globally.

The new tag line ‘GUIDANCE. UBUNTU. EMPOWERMENT’. These terms better define the work and objectives of Darul Ihsan.

GUIDANCE encompasses all aspects of our religious activities which includes Fatawa, Islamic Counselling, Education and Spiritual upliftment.

UBUNTU is a nationally renowned word which embraces the values and principles of our humanness and the importance of reaching out to the people and sharing and caring.

EMPOWERMENT is reflective of the various projects that include Skills Development, Bursaries, Relief and Welfare related activities.

The Arabic name within a dome and the depiction of a minaret is symbolic of the Islamic identity of the organisation.

The members of the audience expressed approval and satisfaction of the name and logo and reiterated their support for the organisation. The plans and architect’s impression of the new head office building of Darul Ihsan was also unveiled on this occasion.

We request your duas for the success of the organisation in serving humanity with compassion and efficiency.

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre
Guidance l Ubuntu l Empowerment

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Important Dates

  • Tuesday, 20 March 2018
    The Illustrious Ashara Mubashara (RA)
    After Isha (Jamat - 8:00)
    Beatrice Street Musallah
  • Thursday, 22 March 2018
    Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)
    After Isha (Jamat - 8:00)
    Shallcross Masjid