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Darul Ihsan meets with Durban and Coast SPCAA delegation of Ulama from Darul Ihsan Centre visited the Durban and Coast SPCA on Tuesday 10 April 2012. The SPCA invited Darul Ihsan for discussions on matters pertaining to animal care and the influx of live-stock into the urban areas during the Eid-ul-Adha period.

Taharah ProgrammeAlhamdulillah, Darul Ihsan Centre, in its on-going initiative to inform and educate the Muslim community, will present an informative programme on Taharah after Isha Salaah at the following Masajid and Musallahs:

Every Winter Darul Ihsan Centre runs a 'Sponsor-a-Blanket' drive. Alhamdulillah, last year over 6,000 blankets were distributed throughout KZN. This year, Insha Allah, we hope to surpass this number and bring some relief to a greater number of the most disadvantaged people.

FREE appliance repair courseAlhamdulillah, in our on-going drive to educate and empower people, Darul Ihsan Centres ‘Skills Development Programme’ will be hosting a FREE course on how to do basic repairs of appliances such as stove, toasters, irons, heaters, etc.

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