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Sponsor a Kajoor PackAlhamdulillah, this year (2011) Darul Ihsan distributed over 7 tons (over 7000 kg) of dates/kajoor in the month of Ramadan.

DARUL IHSAN BLANKET DISTRIBUTION-FINAL REPORT-SEPT 2011Alhamdulillah, due to the magnanimous support of the public, this year Darul Ihsan’s ‘Winter 2011 Sponsor-A-Blanket’ campaign has surpassed the distribution figure of 2010.

Darul Ihsan hands over desks to Ohlange High School in InandaAfter a few days of chilling wet weather, Thursday, July 28 turned out to be a dry and partially cloudy day. It was an ideal day for the occasion at the Ohlange High School in Inanda when Darul Ihsan handed-over eighty desks to the school.

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