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….a practical demonstration for males
The Islamic Burial Council, in conjunction with Darul Ihsan Centre, is privileged to give feedback on the completion of the first-ever ‘Male Ghusl’ classes for the deceased.

Ulama members of Darul Ihsan Centre were invited by the Newcastle Islamic College to address certain contemporary issues and challenges educators faced on managing teenage learners. year saw Darul Ihsan’s first Qurbani (Slaughter) programme in Durban. The Qurbani programme was held on Thursday, 17 October at Castle Hill, a suburb in the greater Newlands West area.

A Darul Ihsan team of Ulama and members undertook a field visit on Saturday, 05 October 2013 of the low cost homes built by the centre. The delegation comprised of Maulana Imran Vaid, Maulana Ahmed Kathrada, Maulana Sabir Ibrahim, Hafez Farouq Ansarmeah, Haji Muhammad Shafee and Brother Anwar Hamid.

Darul Ihsan Centre - in its on-going educational initiative to the community - presented several programmes in various Masajid/Musallahs on the importance and technicalities of Qurbani by way of ‘Know About Your Knife, Animal, Meat and Skin’ lectures.

Of all the days in the week, the Mubarak day of Jumuah is the most blessed. The day of Jumuah is crowned with the two Khutbahs and two-rakaat Fard salaah. The two Khutbahs are delivered in Arabic - as has been done from the time of the Sahaba (RA).

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