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Darul Ihsan Ulama attend SAUF conferenceA delegation of Ulama from Darul Ihsan Centre attended the biennial Southern Africa Ulama Forum (SAUF) conference in Gaberone from Friday 14 September until Sunday 16 September 2012.

Female Ghusal ClassesIt is Fard-e-Kifayah (compulsory by a few on behalf of the community) to bathe the deceased according to the laws of Shariah.

Muslim Empowerment Fund’s National OutreachAs part of the Muslim Empowerment Fund’s (MEF) National Outreach programme, this Ramadan, Darul Ihsan initiated an on-going food and empowerment programme in the Eastern Cape.

Bonsai course exclusively for SistersDarul Ihsan will be hosting an introductory course on ‘BONSAI - A JAPANESE ART FORM OF MINIATURISING TREES’ exclusively for Sisters on Tuesday, 18 September, Insha Allah.

Youth Night 2012 successClose onto 250 youth, including huffaz, students and professionals converged at Musjidut Taqwa, Sea Cow Lake for the ‘Youth Night’ programme this weekend.

2012 “Sponsor a Blanket” project endsThe 2012 ‘Sponsor a Blanket’ winter project of Darul Ihsan Centre - now in its fourth year - has come to an end. Alhamdulillah, this year a total of 5,155 blankets were distributed locally and nationally.

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