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International Islamic Academic Conference held in South AfricaShaykh Muhiyudeen Awwamah, the son of well-known Madina-based scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Awwamah (Hafizahullah) intiated the idea of this unique conference which was hosted for the first time in Turkey. The conference held form 16 to 21 January in Azaadville , South Africa was the second conference of its kind organised by Sheykh Muhiyudeen that incorporated the Imam Nanotwi International Award.

‘Muslim Empowerment Fund’ outreach at Etshelihle Primary SchoolWednesday, 22 January 2014 was a special day for all the pupils of the Etshelihle Primary School, situated in Clernaville, New Germany.

Darul Ihsan Volunteers Acknowledged and InspiredA long awaited programme to once again acknowledge the selfless services of our respected mothers and sisters who assist Darul Ihsan on an on-going basis was held on Tuesday, 12 November 2013 at the NMJ Islamic Centre in Morningside. A congregation of close to six hundred volunteers many of whom are associated with the ‘Feed-a-Pupil ‘ and ‘Feed-a-Patient’ projects attended the programme that culminated in a sumptuous lunch. The pro bono services and contributions of those present were acknowledged and motivation towards steadfastness and sincerity was delivered.

….a practical demonstration for males
The Islamic Burial Council, in conjunction with Darul Ihsan Centre, is privileged to give feedback on the completion of the first-ever ‘Male Ghusl’ classes for the deceased.

Ulama members of Darul Ihsan Centre were invited by the Newcastle Islamic College to address certain contemporary issues and challenges educators faced on managing teenage learners. year saw Darul Ihsan’s first Qurbani (Slaughter) programme in Durban. The Qurbani programme was held on Thursday, 17 October at Castle Hill, a suburb in the greater Newlands West area.

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